Levan Mindiashvili




Born 1979, Tbilisi (Georgia);

Lives and works in New York and Buenos Aires.

  • Education

2010  “Streaming_media” – use of media and TV technologies in contemporary art. Fundacion Telefonica, Buenos Aires  (Argentina)

2008/2010  Postgraduate studies in multidisciplinary projects at IUNA (National University of Art of Buenos Aires) Argentina;

1997/2003  Tbilisi state Academy of Fine Arts;

  • Awards

2011 Emerging artists of the year. Movistar Arte Joven 2011. curated by Pulpa Bureau de Arte; Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2010 The 3rd Award for the Drawing, Premio Museo Metropolitano, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

2007 The 1st prize at the International Art Fair OW_ART 07, Buchen, Germany;

2005 The 1st prize at the International Art Fair Impulse 2005, Osnabrueck, Germany

  • Solo Exhibitions

2014 “Borderlines”, The Lodge Gallery, New York City, US;

2013 “Whispers”, ArtAreaTV_2.0 Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia;

“Urban Identities”, Kunstraub99, Cologne, Germany;

2012 “Wrapped In The Sheets”, Vanda Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia;

2011 “Intimidades Mobiles” (Mobile Intimacies), NES zona_54, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Art fairs and Forums

2013 Berliner Liste 2013, Berlin, Germany;

Ch.ACO13 Contemporary Art Fair, Santiago, Chile

Fountain Art Fair ARMORY NY, New York City, USA

2012 Fountain Art Fair MIAMI, Miami, USA

Ch.ACO12 Contemporary Art Fair, Santiago, Chile

2011 Affordable Art Fair NY, Fall edition. New York City, USA
2010 Art Isterium 10, III International Forum of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi

2009 Art Isterium 09, II  International Forum of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi

2007 OW_ART 07 International Art Fair, Buchen, Germany;

2005 IMPULSE INTERNATIONAL 2005, Osnabrueck, Germany

  • Group Exhibitions and Collaborations (selected)

2013  “Heritage”, Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia

“For Which It Stands”, The Lodge Gallery, New York City, US

“Crossing The Boundaries.02”, AT388 art gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

“You Are Here”, BCC Gallery, Brooklyn, US

2012  “MAN/kind”, 32 Jones Gallery, Jersey City, NJ;

“byoAr”t, The Living Gallery, Brooklyn NY;

“Transpolation”, FAT Fashion Art Week Toronto (with Uta Bekaia and Cristian Tonhaiser),Toronto, Canada;

“Verano”, Fundacion Mundo Nuevo, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

“Here’s To Life”, 32 Jones Gallery, Jersey City, NJ;

“Trastienda de Verano”, Laguanacazul Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

2011  “Movistar Arte Joven 2011”, Borges Art Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

“Seres Encontrados”, Objeto a art gallery, Buenos Asires, Argentina;

“Verano 2011”, Fundacion Mundo Nuevo, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

2010  “Projects”, Isidro Miranda Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

“Artist Books”, UADE (Argentina Business University) Buenos Aires Argentina;

“Mindiashvili | Ijman” EspacioArte Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

“Only Art Remains”, LeonidesArts Gallery, New York, US;

“Vectores Invertidos”, Laguanacazul Gallery, Buenos Aires,

“Heterodoxa02”, Nes_zona 54 Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

2009   “Negro Barocco”, Encontre Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

“Kunst en Religie”, Denderleeuw, Belgium;

“Weltreise der Sinne II” IKV, Bonn, Germany);

“New Generation”, Gallery Arsi, Tbilisi, Georgia;

“Primer Salon de Arte Erótico, Te Matare Ramirez, Buenos Aires

“Kunst Raub #003”, Gallery Kunstraub99, Cologne, Germany;

“Kunst im BPA”, Bonn, Germany;

2008  “10 artists”, LeonidesArts NY, Miami, US;

“Heterodoxa01”, Salon Dorado, Teatro Roma, Buenos Aires;

“Weltreise der Sinne”, IKV Bonn, Germany;

2007  “International art road _ kunst aus 4 kontinenten”, Alte Feuerwache, Cologne, Germany;

“Perdus”, GalerieD’Art Paris8, Paris, France;

2006   “STRASSEN_verbinden kulturen”, Gallery Atelierhaus Westfallenhuette Dortmund and WissenschaftsPark, Gelsenkirchen, Germany;

“The Lost Ones”, Gallery Universe, Tbilisi (Georgia);

“Georgian Visual Art”, National Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan (Armenia);

2005   “Tbilisi Impronte”, Gallery BorgoArte, Borgomanero, Italy

“Figurative Art Studio.02”, Gallery Universe, Tbilisi, Georgia

“Kunst Aus Georgien.03”, Gallery CultiG7, Mannheim, Germany

2004   “Figurative Art Studio.01”, Gallery Universe, Tbilisi, Georgia

2003   “Kunst Aus Georgien.02”, Gallery CultiG7, Mannheim, Germany

  • Performances

2011  ”Pheromone” with Uta Bekaia. Laguanacazul art gallery, Buenos Aires (Argentina);

OPN_5 (Ora Pro Nobis 5) with Ensamble Caustico – Laguanacazul art gallery, Buenos Aires (Argentina);

OPN_4 (Ora Pro Nobis 4) with Ensamble Caustico – Arcimboldo art gallery, Buenos Aires (Argentina);

OPN_3.1 (Ora Pro Nobis 3.1) with Ensamble Caustico – Palermo H art gallery, Buenos Aires (Argentina);

2010  OPN_3 (Ora Pro Nobis 2) with Ensamble Caustico – Laguanacazul art gallery, Buenos Aires (Argentina);

12”00 (video performance) – Isidro Miranda art gallery, Buenos Aires (Argentina);

OPN_2 (Ora Pro Nobis 2) with Ensamble Caustico – Laguanacazul art gallery, Buenos Aires (Argentina);

OPN_1 (Ora Pro Nobis 1) with Ensamble Caustico, Directed by Alfredo Rosenbaum –  Laguanacazul Art Gallery, Buenos Aires (Argentina);

2009  ”transMIGRANTES” Vulnerando Frontersa HADE II – Centro Cultural Chilavert, Buenos Aires (Argentina);

Warrior (Fetish), Cuerpos, Tecno índices y Sentido – Encuentro Multidisciplinario de Soporte Performatico – Gallery Arcimboldo, Buenos Aires (Argentina);

2008  Paradise for Exiled Ones – @ IUNA Gallery, Buenos Aires (Argentina)



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